News & Events

A Wild Call

May 19th, 2016

Martyn has completed a second travel narrative. A Wild Call is a tale of adventure – of one man’s love for his boat and the sea. It will strike a chord in those who treasure our right to live and wander freely. It examines how these age-old liberties and traditions are being eroded in today's intrusive society, and explores practical ways of holding on to them. It is a wake-up call for all who value personal freedom. Further announcements will be posted here.

Radical Solution to Avoid Depletion of Natural Resources

May 18th, 2016

The way in which society uses forests, fisheries and other natural resources could be inspired by nature, which creates sustainable ecosystems amid intense species competition for limited resources. Drawing on his work with Serengeti antelope, Martyn Murray realised that the ‘harvesting niche’ of humans exploiting natural resources is equivalent to the ‘ecological niche’ found in natural communities. One of the main outcomes of his work is to reveal the power of the partitioned ecosystem in achieving greater sustainability in the uses of natural resources. Further information is provided in an illustrated blog which also provides info on its scientific publication.

New Author Website

May 9th, 2014

Martyn has created a new author website,, which will provide current information on his popular and mainstream publications. This current site,, will be developed as a wider arena for Wild Nature. Further announcements will be posted here.

Charles Darwin's Origin of Species: Bite-Sized

May 9th, 2014

Martyn has published his first book under the Wild Nature imprint: Charles Darwin's Origin of Species: Bite-Sized is a brief account of Darwin's masterpiece being about 15% of the total text of the 1859 edition. It is a section by section account which summarises each significant point. In order to retain Darwin’s voice, his turn of phrase is often used but clarified where necessary. Notable quotations are included to convey an even stronger sense of the original. Students and those with an interest in exploring Darwin’s writing will find the essence of his thinking contained in this concise account of his greatest work.

The Storm Leopard

July, 2010

When Martyn Murray realised that 30 years of wildlife research and practical conservation were making little difference, he set out on a journey across Africa in search of answers. The Storm Leopard is released by Whittles Publishing in the UK (ISBN: 978-184995-004-6; 240 x 170mm, 272pp, 24 sketches, map + 16pp colour section, softback). It is available for kindle and in paperback on amazon.