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13th August 2010: CEO, Martyn Murray is talking about The Storm Leopard at the fringe book festival in Edinburgh. Venue: Word Power Books, 43-45 West Nicolson Street, Edinburgh EH8 9DB.

2010: CEO, Martyn Murray has gone back to the beginning to redevelop MGM's vision for an integrated conservation and development ethic that is backed up by science. He is preparing a paper on the Competition for Renewable Resources and the need to switch from a development policy rooted in growth to one that is grounded in balance. This paper and his book on the human-wildlife relationship, The Storm Leopard, are integral to the new vision.

2010: Apart from his work in rural development in Sudan, Ethiopia and Egypt, Neil Munro continues to advise on geomorphology and soils at archaeological sites in Gaza, Jordan and Jerusalem: the latter at a cave connected to John the Baptist. He is currently writing scientific papers on sand dunes and landscape formation processes.

2010: Jim Aitken's unique knowledge and expertise in Institutional Strengthening and Development continues to be available in UK and France.