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Recent News at MGM

July 2010: Publication of The Storm Leopard.

Dec 2009 - Jan 2010: CEO, Martyn Murray, evaluates the second phase of the Protected Areas Development Programme which aims to conserve the last rain forests of Ghana. This was 14 years after he wrote the Terms of Reference for the first phase. "The difference was heartening."

Oct - Nov 2009: CEO, Martyn Murray, develops a management system for monitoring natural resource use and conservation of biodiversity in the Yildiz Mountains of northern Turkey.

Jan 2010: Senior Land and Soils Expert, Neil Munro, continues to work in Sudan on irrigation and land reclamation projects associated with the Blue Nile. His work on 30-year photographic monitoring of environmental changes in Tigray, Ethiopia, has been published and is attracting much interest.

Dec 2009: Senior Information Systems Expert, David Baird, is developing database-backed websites for the UK government’s Darwin Initiative. He recently co-authored the Office of Climate Change review on measuring forest carbon.

March - Sep 2009: CEO, Martyn Murray, completes drafts of two scientific papers (one on the theory of resource competition and the other on an application of resource competition theory to the management of natural resources. The essence of the latter paper is to show that there are two entirely different ways of managing the competition over scarce resources. Both solutions are found in the plant and animal kingdoms. However the solution that humankind takes as natural resources become more scarce will have a profound impact.
Martyn Murray also completed the final draft of The Storm Leopard which is an account of a journey through Africa and into the author’s life, but more than that it is an inquiry into the primary human dilemma of the 21st century - the need to balance our relationship with the environment.

November - December 2008: CEO, Martyn Murray on mission in Mongolia to evaluate the Altai Sayan Project (UNDP/GEF/Dutch Government) which empowers herder communities to resolve problems with overgrazing and overuse of natural resources and strengthens conservation of the unique biodiversity in the Altai and Sayan Mountain Ranges.

August - September 2008: CEO, Martyn Murray on mission in Tanzania to evaluate the European Union's 'Support to Tanzanian Game Reserves' project. An interesting part of this mission was the opportunity to review the direction of conservation in the Selous Game Reserve, in 7 western game reserves, and in the country as a whole.

May 2008: Ecology (Journal of the Ecological of America) publish article on competition in grazing ungulates by CEO, Martyn Murray and David Baird. This is the first application of resource competition theory to higher animals.

February 2008: CEO, Martyn Murray and David Baird on mission in Kyrgyz Republic to hold a biodiversity workshop with 20 Kyrgyz and Tajik scientists to capture spatial information on important conservation areas in PATCA (Tajik National Park and proposed Alai National Park) and to prepare outline Species Action Plans.

July 2006: CEO, Martyn Murray on mission in Kenya to evaluate the European Union's Biodiversity Conservation Programme consisting of 36 community projects ranging from development of a guiding school for Maasai Mara rangers to the restoration of a disappearing lake.

April - June 2006: CEO, Martyn Murray on mission in Mongolia to organise and facilitate the second workshop of scientists who are developing an ecosystem model of six tributary valleys on the eastern shores of Lake Hövsgöl. This was followed by a review of NEMO - the Netherlands/Mongolia Trust Fund for the Environment

February - March 2006: Neil Munro on mission in northern Afghanistan to reassess soil erosion and environmental damage prior to rural development.

June - July 2005: CEO, Martyn Murray and Jim Aitken on mission in Lesotho and South Africa to review the Maloti Drakensberg Transfrontier Project.

June 2006: MGM Environmental Solutions renewed its contract with the Edinburgh Centre for Tropical Forestry to supply reviews of Darwin Inititiative project reports on behalf of DEFRA.

March 2003: CEO, Martyn Murray's article on "Overkill and Sustainable Use" was published in Science (Vol 299, pp. 1851-1853).